7000+ SSC General Science Previous Year Questions Pdf - 1

Question: 1

Which of the following chemicals is used for preserving fruit juices?

(A) Potassium nitrate

(B) Sodium benzoate

(C) Sodium hydroxide

(D) Ammonium sulphate

Ans: B

Sodium benzoate

Question: 2

Elisa test is prescribed for

(A) Polio

(B) Cancer


(D) Typhoid

Ans: C


Question: 3

Night Blindness is caused by the deficiency of

(A) Vitamin A

(B) Vitamin B

(C) Vitamin C

(D) Vitamin D

Ans: A

Vitamin A

Question: 4

Which of the following metals is low in content in meat?

(A) Phosphorous

(B) Iron

(C) Calcium

(D) Copper

Ans: D


Question: 5

Which of the following prevents bleeding of gums?

(A) Vitamin B

(B) Nicotinamide

(C) Thiamine

(D) Ascorbic acid

Ans: D

Ascorbic acid

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