7000+ Geography Questions asked in SSC MTS Pdf - 1

Question: 1

Parts of which of the following states in India is covered by tropical deserts?

(A) Assam

(B) Gujarat

(C) Kerala

(D) Orissa

Ans: B


Question: 2

Rihand hydro-electricity project is located in which of the following states?

(A) Uttar Pradesh

(B) Madhya Pradesh

(C) Punjab

(D) Rajasthan

Ans: A

Uttar Pradesh

Question: 3

Which radioactive mineral is mostly present in the beach sand of Kerala coast?

(A) Monazite

(B) Plutonium

(C) Pitch blende

(D) None of these

Ans: A


Question: 4

Which states accounts for the maximum quantity of asbestos in India?

(A) Orissa

(B) Madhya Pradesh

(C) Maharashtra

(D) Rajasthan

Ans: D


Question: 5

In which of the following states the yield of forest wealth per acre is highest?

(A) Assam

(B) Uttar Pradesh

(C) Madhya Pradesh

(D) Kerala

Ans: A


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