7000+ TNPSC Chemistry Previous Year Questions Pdf Download - 1

Question: 1

Hydrogen behaves like alkali metals and halogens in its properties. But it is placed in the top of

(A) Alkali earth metals

(B) Alkali metals

(C) Halogens

(D) In the middle of halogens and alkali earth metals

Ans: B

Alkali metals

Question: 2

In the modern periodic table, group 18 occupies

(A) Noble gases

(B) Nitrogen family

(C) Oxygen family

(D) Halogens

Ans: A

Noble gases

Question: 3

_____ is essential to perform separation by solvent extraction method.

(A) Sieve

(B) Filter paper

(C) Centrifuge machine

(D) Separating tunnel

Ans: D

Separating tunnel

Question: 4

Bond formed between a metal and non metal atom is usually

(A) Covalent bond

(B) Coordinate bond

(C) Ionic bond

(D) Both Covalent or Coordinate

Ans: C

Ionic bond

Question: 5

Carbon forms large number of organic compounds due to

(A) Catenation

(B) Tetravalency

(C) Isomerism

(D) Allotropy

Ans: A


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