7000+ Phrasal Verbs Questions and Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

Complete the following sentence with the most appropriate phrasal verb given below.
There is no strict rule that you should come to school on your bicycle alone.

(A) soft and rigid

(B) hard and soft

(C) hard and slow

(D) hard and fast

Ans: D

hard and fast

Question: 2

She lived in Britain with her husband and two sons.

(A) settled down

(B) settled in

(C) settled out

(D) settled with

Ans; A

settled down

Question: 3

The fake evidence could not prove anything.

(A) hold away

(B) hold water

(C) hold on

(D) hold in

Ans: B

hold water

Question: 4

Don't surrender to temptations.

(A) give up

(B) give in

(C) give out

(D) give went

Ans: B

give in

Question: 5

The house should have renovation.

(A) make over

(B) make of

(C) make in

(D) make up

Ans: A

make over

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