1000+ Diploma Mechanical Engineering MCQ Pdf - 1

Question: 1

A continuous beam is

(A) one which is very long as compared to width of beam

(B) one which is part of a system consisting of a number of beams

(C) one having several supports

(D) one which is constrained at both ends

Ans: C

one having several supports

Question: 2

Arching of a beam results in

(A) increased bending moment at the support

(B) no change in bending moment

(C) increased bending moment throughout

(D) reduced bending moment throughout

Ans: D

reduced bending moment throughout

Question: 3

A beam of uniform strength will have at every cross section

(A) same bending stress

(B) same bending moment

(C) same deflection

(D) same stiffness

Ans: A

same bending stress

Question: 4

Diamond riveting is generally used for

(A) revised joints for dissimilar materials

(B) riveted joints for materials of different thickness

(C) butt joints

(D) lap joints

Ans: C

butt joints

Question: 5

Which of the following materials can be used for absorption of shock?

(A) lead sheet

(B) sawdust

(C) wood

(D) rubber

Ans: A

lead sheet

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