Future Tense Quiz, Online Mock Test, Trivia Questions 2019-2020 - 1

Question: 1

I _____ if you come too late tomorrow.

(A) was sleeping

(B) am sleeping

(C) will sleep

(D) shall be sleeping

Ans: D

shall be sleeping

Question: 2

Who _____ for a walk tomorrow?

(A) will go

(B) went

(C) doesn’t go

(D) didn’t go

Ans: A

will go

Question: 3

What _____ you _____ at 6 tomorrow?

(A) will/have done

(B) is/doing

(C) will/be doing

(D) was/doing

Ans: C

will/be doing

Question: 4

We _____ for Niagara tomorrow.

(A) have left

(B) had to leave

(C) shall be left

(D) are leaving

Ans: D

are leaving

Question: 5

By the end of the first term we _____ many English books.

(A) shall read

(B) have read

(C) shall have read

(D) shall be read

Ans: C

shall have read

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