Important Days and Years Multiple Choice Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

World Book and Copyrights Day is observed on

(A) March 14

(B) April 23

(C) November 11

(D) September 21

Ans: B

April 23

Question: 2

Human Rights Day is observed on

(A) December 1

(B) December 10

(C) December 14

(D) December 25

Ans: B

December 10

Question: 3

World Water Day is observed on

(A) February04

(B) March 02

(C) March 22

(D) June 12

Ans: C

March 22

Question: 4

July 1 is observed as

(A) Engineer’s Day

(B) Doctor’s Day

(C) Photograph Day

(D) National sports Day

Ans: B

Doctor’s Day

Question: 5

World Laughter Day is observed on

(A) 1st Sunday of January

(B) 1st Sunday of May

(C) 1st Sunday of September

(D) 1st Sunday of December

Ans: B

1st Sunday of May

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