Panchayati Raj in India GK Questions and Answers for UPSC 2019-2020 - 1

Question: 1

A Panchayat Samiti at the block level is

(A) A supervisory authority

(B) A consultant committee

(C) An administrative authority

(D) An advisory body

Ans: C

An administrative authority

Question: 2

In India, the community development programme was started on

(A) October 2, 1952

(B) October 2, 1957

(C) October 2, 1959

(D) October 2, 1961

Ans: A

October 2, 1952

Question: 3

The Municipal commissioner is appointed by

(A) District Magistrate

(B) State Government

(C) Zila Parishad

(D) Member of Legislative Assembly

Ans: B

State Government

Question: 4

Swarnajayanti’ Gram swarozgar Yojna was started in the year

(A) 1998

(B) 1999

(C) 2000

(D) 2001

Ans: B


Question: 5

The National Rural Employment scheme was launched throughout the country from

(A) 01-04-2007

(B) 02-04-2007

(C) 14-04-2007

(D) 01-04-2008

Ans: D


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