1000+ IBPS Bank Exam GK Questions 2020-2021 - 1

Question: 1

The unit of currency used in Cuba is

(A) Mark

(B) Rial

(C) Kroner

(D) Peso

Ans: D


Question: 2

This country is NOT a member of SAARC.

(A) Nepal

(B) Pakistan

(C) Myanmar

(D) India

Ans: C


Question: 3

The first President of India was

(A) Radhakrishnan

(B) Jawaharlal Nehru

(C) Zakir Hussain

(D) Rajendra Prasad

Ans: D

Rajendra Prasad

Question: 4

The first satellite launched by India was called

(A) Aryabhata

(B) Rohini

(C) Bhaskara-I

(D) Bhaskara-II

Ans: A


Question: 5

Who was the first Indian President who died in office?

(A) M. Hidayatullah

(B) Zakir Hussain

(C) Abul Kalam Azad

(D) Morarji Desai

Ans: B

Zakir Hussain

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