Short Reading Comprehension Passages for Beginners - 1

Question: 1

Bansilal's train was late and it reached Mumbai a little after midnight. It was his first visit to the city, and he didn't know where to go. He thought he would go to a choultry where he would not have to pay rent, but he did not know how to find one at that hour. He asked a porter to get him a cheap room. The porter said that if Bansilal gave him three rupees, he would take him to one. But Bansilal waved him away and walked out of the station. He wandered through the streets and asked a number of people, but could not find a room cheap enough for him. He sat down on a park bench to think what he should do next. He was very tired and fell asleep on the bench. He woke up the next morning stiff in every limb but he spoiled when he realised that it was the cheapest nights lodging that he had ever had.
Banisal could not get any accommodation for the night because

(A) the hotels were too expensive for him to afford

(B) all the hotel rooms were booked

(C) all the hotels in the city were closed

(D) he wanted to spend the night in the open

Ans: A

the hotels were too expensive for him to afford

Question: 2

From the passage, Bansilal emerges as

(A) a thrifty person

(B) an extravagant spender

(C) an adventure seeking person

(D) a fun loving person

Ans: A

a thrifty person

Question: 3

In the passage, the word "choultry" should mean

(A) a roadside eating shop

(B) a free resting place

(C) an expensive hotel

(D) a highway motel

Ans: B

a free resting place

Question: 4

The night long in the open.

(A) refreshed Bansilal

(B) gave him aches all over his body

(C) made his limbs stronger

(D) did not affect him at all

Ans: B

gave him aches all over his body

Question: 5

The porter refused to help Bansilal because

(A) he was rude to the porter

(B) he had no previous acquaintance with the porter

(C) he spoke a language which the porter could not understand

(D) he refused to pay the porter any tips

Ans: D

he refused to pay the porter any tips

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