Blood Relation Questions & Answers for IBPS and SBI Exams - 1

Question: 1

Pointing to a gentleman, Deepak said, "His only brother is the father of my daughter's father." How is the gentleman related to Deepak?

(A) Uncle

(B) Brother-in-law

(C) Father

(D) Grandfather

Ans: A

Father of Deepak's daughter's father "Deepak's father."
So, the man's brother is Deepak's father or the man is the brother of Deepak's father i.e., Deepak's uncle.

Question: 2

X introduces Y saying, "He is the husband of the grand daughter of the father of my father." How is Y related to X?

(A) Nephew

(B) Brother-in-law

(C) Brother

(D) Son

Ans: B

The relations may be analysed as follows:
Father's father "Grandfather; Grandfather's Grand daughter" Sister;
Sister's husband "Brother-in-law."
So, Y is X's brother-in-law.

Question: 3

Pointing to the lady on the platform, Manju said, "She is the sister of the father of my mother's son." Who is the lady to Manju?

(A) Aunt

(B) Niece

(C) Sister

(D) Mother

Ans: A

Manju's mother's son - Manju's brother;
Manju's brother's father - Manju's father;
Father's sister - Manju's aunt.

Question: 4

Showing the man receiving the prize, Saroj said, "He is the brother of my uncle's daughter." Who is the man to Saroj?

(A) Uncle

(B) Nephew

(C) Cousin

(D) Son

Ans: C

Brother of uncle's daughter - Uncle's son - Cousin.
So, the man is Seema's cousin.

Question: 5

Pointing towards a person in a photograph, Anjali said, "He is the only son of the father of my sister's brother." How is that person related to Anjali?

(A) Father

(B) Mother

(C) Brother

(D) Cousin

Ans: C

The relations may be analysed as follows:
Sister's brother - Brothers.
Brother's father - Father;
Father's son - Brother.
So, the person in the photograph is Anjali's brother.

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