7000+ Automation System MCQ Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

Which industry is the leading user of robots?

(A) Automobile industry

(B) Chemical industry

(C) Electronic industry

(D) Shipping industry

Ans: A

Automobile industry

Question: 2

When a computer fetches an instruction, the binary code representing the instruction appears on the

(A) Input data bus

(B) Output data bus

(C) Memory data bus

(D) I/O address bus

Ans: C

Memory data bus

Question: 3

Which of the following items best describes a CAM technology?

(A) Geometric modeling

(B) Documentation

(C) Numerical control

(D) Drafting

Ans: C

Numerical control

Question: 4

Which CAD display configurability allows workout any host support?

(A) One with no secondary storage capacity

(B) Medium intelligence

(C) Low intelligence

(D) Highly intelligence

Ans: D

Highly intelligence

Question: 5

The difference between CAD and CAM is that cad software is directed at product design while CAM software is

(A) Specifically for PC board design

(B) Designed for communications

(C) Concerned with management programs

(D) Concerned with production and control of tool design

Ans: D

Concerned with production and control of tool design

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