Data Communication and Networking MCQ Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

The OSI model consists of ___ layers.

(A) Five

(B) Seven

(C) Eight

(D) Nine

Ans: B


Question: 2

Something which has easily understood instructions is said to be

(A) Information

(B) Icon

(C) Word processing

(D) User friendly

Ans: D

User friendly

Question: 3

Each computer have a/an ____, and some ____

(A) Internet Browsers, Document files

(B) Operating System, Application Programs

(C) Hard Disk, Programming Programs

(D) Operating system, Tally

Ans: B

Operating System, Application Programs

Question: 4

In ____ computers, computation is carried out with physical quantities such as voltage, length, current, temperature, etc.

(A) Analog

(B) Digital

(C) Hybrid

(D) Micro computer

Ans : A


Question: 5

In Computer terminology ‘CAD’ is stands for

(A) Computer and Design

(B) Computer and Device

(C) Computer Algorithm in Design

(D) Computer Aided Design

Ans: D

Computer Aided Design

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