1000+ Chemical Process Technology MCQ Questions & Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

Nitrogen is an essential component of

(A) carbohydrates

(B) proteins

(C) mineral salts

(D) fats

Ans: B


Question: 2

Which of the following is an yellow pigment?

(A) zinc sulphides

(B) lead chromates

(C) titanium dioxide

(D) ferrous sulphate

Ans: B

lead chromates

Question: 3

Phenol is mainly used

(A) as a plasticizer for unsaturated polyster

(B) to produce polyester resin

(C) to produce phenol formaldehyde

(D) to produce benzene

Ans: C

to produce phenol formaldehyde

Question: 4

Major components of flint glass is

(A) alumina

(B) soda

(C) silica

(D) lead oxide

Ans: D

lead oxide

Question: 5

Sulphuric acid completely saturated with sulphur trioxide is called

(A) dilute sulphuric acid

(B) sulphurous oxide

(C) oleum

(D) concentrated sulphuric acid

Ans: D

concentrated sulphuric acid

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