1000+ Building Materials Multiple Choice Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

Galvanising means covering iron with a thin coat of

(A) coal tar

(B) glaze

(C) tin

(D) zinc

Ans: D


Question: 2

Brass is an alloy of

(A) zinc and nickel

(B) tin and silver

(C) zinc and lead

(D) copper and zinc

Ans: D

copper and zinc

Question: 3

The silica is used for preparing

(A) lining for glass furnaces

(B) silica bricks

(C) coke oven

(D) all of these

Ans: D

all of these

Question: 4

The cracks caused by shrinkage of the exterior surface of the wood exposed to atmosphere, are called

(A) twisted fibres

(B) wind cracks

(C) heart shakes

(D) radial shakes

Ans: B

wind cracks

Question: 5

Gypsum is a

(A) chemically precipitated sedimentary rock

(B) igneous rock

(C) metamorphic rock

(D) mechanically formed sedimentary rock

Ans: A

chemically precipitated sedimentary rock

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