1000+ Railway Engineering MCQ Questions and Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

Which one of the following is the interlocking system used in railway signalling?

(A) Mechanical system

(B) Key system

(C) Electrical system

(D) Electronic system

Ans: D

Electronic system

Question: 2

The rail section, nowadays, used in India is

(A) Flat footed

(B) Bull headed

(C) Double headed

(D) I-section

Ans: A

Flat footed

Question: 3

Indian Railways has been divided into

(A) 10 zones

(B) 12 zones

(C) 18 zones

(D) 19 zones

Ans: D

19 zones

Central Railway Mumbai CSMT

Konkan Railway Navi Mumbai

Metro Railway Kolkata

Northern Railway Delhi

North Central Railway Prayagraj

North Eastern Railway Gorakhpur

Northeast Frontier Railway Maligaon, Guwahati

North Western Railway Jaipur

Eastern Railway Fairlie Place, Kolkata

East Central Railway Hajipur

East Coast Railway Bhubaneshwar

Southern Railway Chennai Central

South Central Railway Secunderabad Junction

South Coast Railway Visakhapatnam

South East Central Railway Bilaspur

South Eastern Railway Garden Reach, Kolkata

South Western Railway Hubballi

Western Railway Mumbai (Churchgate)

West Central Railway Jabalpur

Question: 4

The most widely used gauge in the world is

(A) Broad gauge

(B) Metre gauge

(C) Narrow gauge

(D) Standard gauge

Ans: D

Standard gauge

Question: 5

The ends of rail getting bent down due to wheel load is known as

(A) Hogged rails

(B) Buckling

(C) Coning

(D) Tilting

Ans: A

Hogged rails

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