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Question: 1

Design speed on a banked curved path is

(A) to avoid lateral pressure on tyres

(B) to avoid overturning of the vehicle

(C) to avoid skidding of the vehicle

(D) all the above

Ans: A

to avoid lateral pressure on tyres

Question: 2

If a stone of mass m is dropped from a height h on a ground, the velocity of strike is

(A) 2 gh

(B) m gh

(C) $${√2 mgh}$$

(D) $${√2 gh}$$

Ans: D

$${√2 gh}$$

Question: 3

Which one of the following is indeterminate beam?

(A) simply supported beam

(B) one end hinged, other on roller

(C) both ends hinged

(D) cantilever

Ans: C

both ends hinged

Question: 4

Unit of constant of gravitation is

(A) newton

(B) m-sec

(C) m/sec2

(D) N m2 / kg2

Ans: D

N m2 / kg2

Question: 5

Coefficient of friction is

(A) $${Frictional force}/{Total reaction}$$

(B) $${Limiting Friction}/{Total reaction}$$

(C) $${Friction force}/{Normal reaction}$$

(D) $${Limiting friction}/{Normal reaction}$$

Ans: D

$${Limiting friction}/{Normal reaction}$$

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