100+ Civil Engineering Question Papers with Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

The suitable method of forecasting population for a young and rapidly increasing city is

(A) graphical method

(B) incremental increase method

(C) geometrical increase method

(D) arithmetical increase method

Ans: C

geometrical increase method

Question: 2

Zero hardness of water is achieved by

(A) using excess alum dosage

(B) ion exchange method

(C) excess lime treatment

(D) using lime soda process

Ans: B

ion exchange method

Question: 3

For trunk and out fall, the type of sewers generally used is

(A) circular shaped

(B) horse shoe shaped

(C) parabolic shaped

(D) standard egg shaped

Ans: B

horse shoe shaped

Question: 4

For an area developed in haphazard way, the type of layout of water distribution system preferred as

(A) radial system

(B) ring system

(C) grid iron system

(D) dead end system

Ans: D

dead end system

Question: 5

Which one of the following is not ground water?

(A) from river side radial collector wells

(B) from infiltration gallaries

(C) water from natural springs

(D) rooftop water stored in underground tank

Ans: D

rooftop water stored in underground tank

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