1000+ Powerpoint Presentation Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

Which of the following is used to import objects from other application into a presentation?

(A) Insert DBMS object

(B) Insert OLE object

(C) Insert OLEDB object

(D) Insert ODBC object

Ans: B

Insert OLE object

Question: 2

In slide view we can select the number of slides to be listed in _____ spin box.

(A) slides in line

(B) slides in row

(C) slides per line

(D) slides per row

Ans: D

slides per row

Question: 3

In a _____ we can include variety of items such as text, audio, hand drawn images and videos.

(A) presentation

(B) software

(C) application

(D) tables

Ans: A


Question: 4

A _____ is at the top of the window.

(A) title bar

(B) status bar

(C) tool bar

(D) menu bar

Ans: D

menu bar

Question: 5

To create a new presentation press _____

(A) shift+n

(B) alt+n

(C) ctrl+n

(D) shift+ctrl+n

Ans: D


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