1000+ Power System Multiple Choice Questions and Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

The insulation thickness on the conductor in cables depends upon

(A) current

(B) reactive power

(C) power factor

(D) voltage

Ans: D


Question: 2

Generally in load flow solutions the load is modeled as a

(A) dynamically varying load

(B) constant current load

(C) constant power load

(D) constant impedance load

Ans: C

constant power load

Question: 3

High synchronous reactance is preferred in the present day alternators because one can have

(A) high voltage regulation with load

(B) reduced transient currents

(C) reduced harmonic currents

(D) reduced sub transient currents

Ans: B

reduced transient currents

Question: 4

Under over excitation synchronous phase modifier works as

(A) shunt reactor

(B) series capacitor

(C) shunt capacitor

(D) any of the above

Ans: C

shunt capacitor

Question: 5

Communication lines are treated as

(A) medium transmission lines

(B) long transmission lines

(C) short transmission lines

(D) any of the above

Ans: B

long transmission lines

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