7000+ Electrical and Electronics Engineering Interview Questions Pdf - 1

Question: 1

Resistance variation method of temperature control is done by connecting resistance elements in

(A) series parallel connections

(B) series

(C) parallel

(D) all of the above

Ans: D

all of the above

Question: 2

The temperature inside a furnace is usually measured by which of the following?

(A) alcohol thermometer

(B) optical pyrometer

(C) mercury thermometer

(D) any of the above

Ans: B

optical pyrometer

Question: 3

For which of the following applications motor has to start with high acceleration?

(A) centrifugal pump

(B) lifts and hoists

(C) floor mill

(D) oil expeller

Ans: B

lifts and hoists

Question: 4

The desirable static characteristics of a measuring system are

(A) accuracy, sensitivity and reproducibility

(B) accuracy and reproducibility

(C) drift and dead zone

(D) static error

Ans: A

accuracy, sensitivity and reproducibility

Question: 5

In a Weston frequency meter, the magnetic axes of the two fixed coils are

(A) inclined at 60°

(B) inclined at 120°

(C) parallel

(D) perpendicular

Ans: D


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