1000+ Chemical Engineering Heat Transfer MCQ Questions & Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

Radiator of an automobile engine is a _____ type of heat exchanger.

(A) cross-current

(B) direct contact

(C) counter-current

(D) co-current

Ans: B

direct contact

Question: 2

In film type condensation over a vertical tube, local heat transfer coefficient is

(A) independent of local film thickness

(B) equal to local film thickness

(C) directly proportional to local film thickness

(D) inversely proportional to local film thickness

Ans: D

inversely proportional to local film thickness

Question: 3

Heat transfer occurs by natural convection because change in temperature causes difference in

(A) heat capacity

(B) thermal conductivity

(C) density

(D) viscosity

Ans: C


Question: 4

The film thickness for laminar film condensation on vertical surface _____ from top to bottom.

(A) remains constant

(B) and the surface conductance increase

(C) cumulatively decreases

(D) cumulatively increases

Ans: D

cumulatively increases

Question: 5

Maximum heat transfer rate is obtained in _____ flow.

(A) transition region

(B) creeping

(C) laminar

(D) turbulent

Ans: D


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