World Top Producing Countries and Main Produces/Industries in India - 1

Countries Main Produces/Industries
Australia  Wood, dairy products, Wheat, meat, lead, zinc
Austria Machinery, textiles, leather goods
Brazil Coffee
Belgium Glass, textiles
Chile Copper nitrate
Canada  Wheat, newsprint, machinery
China Silk, tea, rice
Congo Copper, uranium, cobalt, ivory
Cuba Sugar, tobacco, cigar
Denmark Textiles, paper
France Textile, wine, silk
Germany Machinery, chemical, iron and steel equipments
Ghana Coco, gold, coffee
India  Jute, textiles, sugar, spices, tobacco, tea, cement, mica etc
Indonesia Sugar, spices, rubber, rice, cinchona, petroleum
Iran Petroleum, carpets, dry fruits
Iraq Dates, petroleum
Italy Mercury, textiles
Japan Machinery, textiles, toys, silk, automobiles
Kenya Coffee, tea, meat, sisal, hides
Kuwait Petroleum
Malaysia Rubber, tin
The Netherlands Machinery, aircraft, electricals
Saudi Arabia Oil, dates
Spain Lead
Sweden Matches, timber
Switzerland Watches, chemicals, electrical
Taiwan Camphor, rice
U.K Textiles, medicines, machinery, cars
U.S.A. Petroleum, wheat, machinery, coal, automobiles, iron etc.
Russia Petroleum, wheat, chemicals, heavy machinery, etc.
Vietnam Tin, rice, rubber, teak, etc.

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