100+ Environmental Science MCQ Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

What are the common air pollutants?

They are common air pollutants

(1) Smoke from forest fire

(2) Carbon monoxide

(3) Sulphur dioxide

(4) Nitrogen oxides

(5) Automobile exhaust

(6) Partially burnt fuel

Question: 2

Define Global warming?

Abnormal increase of the temperature in the environment due to the continuous accumulation of gaseous pollutants is known as global warming.

Question: 3

What are the benefits of Rainwater Harvesting?

They are

1. Ground water level increases and improves.

2. Recharges the well.

3. Reduces the amount of runoff water, soil erosion loss of valuable top soil and evaporation rate.

4. Arrests sea water intrusion towards hand.

5. Improves plant growth, reduces drinking water problems.

Question: 4

What is meant by green house effect?

The phenomenon by which more amount of heat from the Sun is trapped by the earth, thus increasing its temperature is known as Greenhouse effect.

Question: 5

What are herbivores and carnivores?

The animals which feed only on plants are called herbivores. Eg. Deer, cow and goat.

The animals which feed only on herbivores are called carnivores. Eg. Lion, tiger, snake.

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