Physics Important SI Units for Competitive Exams UPSC, SSC CGL - 1

Quantity SI Symbol
Length metre m
Mass kilogram kg
Time second s
Work and Energy joule J
Electric current ampere A
Temperature kelvin K
Luminuous Intensity candela cd
Angle radian rad
Solid angle steredian sr
Force newton N
Area square meter m2
Volume Cubic meter m3
Speed meter per second ms-1
Angle velocity radian per second rad s-1
Frequency Hertz Hz
Moment of inertia kilogram square meter kgm2
Momentum Kilogram meter per second Kg ms-1
Impulse newton second Ns
Angular momentum kilogram square meter per second Kgm2s-1
Pressure pascal pa
Power watt W
Surface tension newton per meter Nm-1
Viscosity newton second per square m N.s.m-2
Thermal conductivity watt per meter degree celcius wm-1C-1
Specific heat capacity joule per kilogram per Kelvin Jkg-1K-1
Electric charge coulomb c
Potential difference volt v
Electric resistance ohm  
Electrical capacity farad F
Magnetic induction henry H
Magnetic flux weber Wb
Luminous flux lumen lm
Intensity of illumination lux lx
Wavelength Angstrom A
Astronomical distance light year ly

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