1000+ Indian Polity Online Test - 1

Question: 1

Which of the following bills can be introduced in the Parliament only after the consent of the President?

(A) The Constitution Amendment Bill

(B) The Bill providing for the creation of a new All India Service

(C) The Bill for the creation of a new state

(D) The Finance Bill

Ans: D

The Finance Bill

Question: 2

Who prepares the Draft outline of Five year Plans?

(A) Ministry of Finance

(B) National Development Council

(C) Governor of R.B.I.

(D) Planning Commission

Ans: D

Planning Commission

Question: 3

Parliament or a state Legislature can declare a seat vacant if a member absence himself without permission from the session for

(A) 30 days

(B) 60 days

(C) 90 days

(D) 120 days

Ans: B

60 days

Question: 4

Grants-in-aid of revenue to the states is recommended by the

(A) National Development Council

(B) Finance Commission

(C) Planning Commission

(D) Inter State Council

Ans: B

Finance Commission

Question: 5

Which one among the following sites is located in the valley of Ghaggar and its associated rivers?

(A) Alamgirpur

(B) Lothal

(C) Kalibangan

(D) Banavali

Ans: B


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