Top 1,000+ UPSC Gk Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

A Buddhist council during the rein of Kanishka was held at

(A) Pataliputra

(B) Mathura

(C) Rajgirha

(D) Kashmir

Ans: D


Question: 2

Which Chinese general defeated Kanishka?

(A) Chi Huang Ti

(B) Ho Ti

(C) Pan Yang

(D) Pan Chao

Ans: D

Pan Chao

Question: 3

Who was the founder of Kushan dynasty?

(A) Huvishka

(B) Vim Kadphises

(C) Kujul Kadaphises

(D) Kanishka

Ans: C

Kujul Kadaphises

Question: 4

During the Satavahanas rule, Kataka’s means

(A) Military camps and settlements

(B) Military committees and camps

(C) Military arnaments and camps

(D) Military clothes and settlements

Ans: A

Military camps and settlements

Question: 5

Who was the writer of Nanaghata inscription?

(A) Naganika

(B) Kubernaga

(C) Nagamati

(D) Nagakumari

Ans: A


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