Top 1000+ Physics MCQS - 1

Question: 1

mho’ is the unit of

(A) specific resistance

(B) conductivity

(C) resistance

(D) capicator

Ans: A

specific resistance

Question: 2

Sodium thiosulphate is used in photography because

(A) it helps in fixing the photograph

(B) it is a reducing agent

(C) it reacts with light

(D) it is oxidising agent

Ans: A

it helps in fixing the photograph

Question: 3

Which law is involved in the act of cleaning a carpet by beating it with a stick?

(A) First law of motion

(B) Second law of motion

(C) Law of conservation of mass

(D) Law of conservation of energy

Ans: A

First law of motion

Question: 4

Which one of the following is a good conductor of electricity?

(A) Glass

(B) Human body

(C) Ebonite

(D) Shellac

Ans: B

Human body

Question: 5

Which one of the following has maximum energy?

(A) Yellow light

(B) Green light

(C) Violet light

(D) Red light

Ans: C

Violet light

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