100+ Advanced Physics Questions and Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

What is an electric current?

The flow of electric charge through the wire is called electric current.

Question: 2

What are the properties of magnetic lines of force?

Magnetic lines of force are directed from the North pole towards the South pole.

They do not cross each other.

They are more crowded near the poles than in any other region.

They are closed curves. In a uniform magnetic field, the lines of force are parallel to one another.

Question: 3

What is magnetite?

A mineral having magnetic properties was found in a town called magnesia. That mineral was named as magnetic after the place where it was found.

Question: 4

What are the uses of electro magnets?

i. Electromagnet is an essential part of electric generators, motors, telegraph instruments, loudspeakers, earphones and telephone receivers.

ii. Electromagnets are also used in electric bells and tape recorders.

iii. Electromagnets attached to cranes are used to lift huge loads.

iv. Electromagnets are used for making new magnets or remagnetising the old ones.

Question: 5

Name three magnetic materials?

Materials which are attracted by magnets are called magnetic materials. Iron, Nickel, Cobalt etc are magnetic materials.

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