100+ Rivers of India Gk Quiz Questions for Competitive Exams - 1

Question: 1

Describe briefly about potholes?

Abrading tools such as pebbles and sand particles that are swirling in fast moving eddies, act as drill to bore holes on the river beds. In course of time, the rotational motion of pebbles and sand particles create rounded depressions sever meter across and just as deep. Such large depressions are known as potholes.

Question: 2

What are the three different kinds of work of a river?

A river does three different kinds of work. They are

(i). Erosion

(ii). Transportation and

(iii). Deposition.

Question: 3

How do rivers erode their channels?

Rivers erode their channels

(i). by lifting loosely consolidated particles

(ii) by abrasion and

(iii) by solution activity.

Question: 4

How do rivers flow?

A river starts as tiny trickle, or rill on a slope. Rainfall, snowfall, a spring or the melting of glacial ice may be its source. As it flows downhill, it is joined by other trickles to make a brook. Several brooks add their waters to form a stream, which broaden into a creek. As the water continues its downward journey, it gains in volume and finally becomes a river.

Question: 5

Explain the term abrasion?

The rock pieces by scrapping, rubbing and bumping erodes bed rocks channel and the blanks. Simultaneously these rock pieces also get reduced in their size and smoothened to form pebbles. This process of erosion is known as abrasion.

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