C# Multithreading Interview Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

List any four properties of thread class?

Name - Specify the name for a thread.

Current Thread – To retrieve the name of currently running thread.

Is Alive - To retrieve the value to indicate the current state of thread execution. True means thread has been started. False means thread may be terminated.

Is Thread Pool Thread – To retrieve the value to indicate whether a thread is part of a thread pool or not.

Question: 2

Define child thread?

The threads created by the main thread are known as secondary threads or child threads.

Question: 3

Define thread?

A thread is a dispatch unit of work. It is also known as Lightweight process.

Question: 4

List out the states in the thread?

The following are the important states in the thread.

Started - New thread is spawn and is running.

Unstarted - Thread is not yet started.

WaitJoinSleep – Wait state.

Suspended   - Blocked for an event.

StopReq - Request to stop.

Stopped - Execution completed or aborted

Question: 5

Give the uses of the multithreading?

Maintaining a responsive user interface.

Making efficient use otherwise blocked CPU.

Parallel programming.

Speculative execution.

Allowing requests to be processed simultaneously.

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