C# Inheritance Interview Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

What are the forms inheritance available?

The inheritance is achieved in two different forms. They are

Classical inheritance

Containment inheritance

Question: 2

How to implement Inheritance?

To implement the inheritance, the following are the steps:

Declare a base class

Inherit the derived class from the base class.

Declare the new class to make use of the both above classes

Question: 3

When to use Inheritance?

Inheritance is suitable where the following situations arise.

Similarities, Extension, Relationship, Generalization, Specialization, Combination

Question: 4

What is called abstract method?

A method that has the keyword abstract in the header of its declaration is said to be an abstract method.

An abstract method has no implementation. It will be overridden in the derived classes.

An abstract method is treated as a virtual method.

Question: 5

Define polymorphism?

Polymorphism means one name many forms.

It is the capability of one object to behave in multiple ways.

The polymorphism can be achieved in two ways.

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