Top 1000+ Computer Fundamentals Questions and answers - 1

Question: 1

Define Clients and Servers?

  • A Client is generally a single user PC or workstation that provides a highly user friendly interface to the end user. It runs client processes, which send service requests to the server.
  • A Server is generally a relatively large computer that manages a shared resource and provides a set of shared user services to the clients. It runs the server process, which services client requests for use of the resource managed by the server. The network may be a single LAN or WAN or an internet of networks.

Question: 2

Define operating system?

An operating system is a set of programs, which are used to control and coordinate the computer system.

Question: 3

What are the types of operating system available?

The various operating systems are

  • Single user operating system
  • Multi user operating system
  • Time sharing operating system
  • Virtual storage operating system
  • Real time operating system
  • Multiprocessing operating system
  • Virtual machine operating system

Question: 4

What are the categories of operating system?

The operating system categorized into the following

  • Control program
  • Service program

Question: 5

What is meant by BIT?

A Bit is a Binary Digit.

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