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Question: 1

In each of the following questions, there is a certain relationship between two given words on one side of :: and one word is given on another side of :: while another word is to be found from the given alternatives, having the same relation with this word as the words of the given pair bear. Choose the correct alternative.
Seismograph : Earthquakes : : Taseometer : ?

(A) Strains

(B) Landslides

(C) Resistance

(D) Volcanoes

Ans: A

Seismograph is an instrument to measure the intensity of earthquakes. Similarly, taseometer is an instrument to measure strains.

Question: 2

Fire : Ashes : : Explosion : ?

(A) Sound

(B) Debris

(C) Death

(D) Flame

Ans: B

Second is the name given to the remains left after after the first.

Question: 3

Man : Biography : : Nation : ?

(A) Geography

(B) History

(C) People

(D) Leader

Ans: B

Second contains the story of the first.

Question: 4

Bird : Fly : : Snake : ?

(A) Clatter

(B) Stroll

(C) Crawl

(D) Hole

Ans: C

Second is the movement of the first.

Question: 5

Import : Export : : Expenditure : ?

(A) Deficit

(B) Debt

(C) Tax

(D) Revenue

Ans: D

The words in each pair are antonyms of each other.

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