7000+ Subject Verb Agreement Exercises for Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 - 1

Question: 1

If you waste time now, you _____ later.

(A) will suffer

(B) would be suffered

(C) would suffer

(D) would have suffered

Ans: A

will suffer

Question: 2

If he had more money, he _____ the needy.

(A) will be helping

(B) would help

(C) would have helped

(D) will help

Ans: B

would help

Question: 3

If I were the Prime Minister, I _____ special schemes.

(A) will be implementing

(B) would have implemented

(C) will implement

(D) would implemented

Ans: D

would implemented

Question: 4

If Raju had got enough water, he _____ it with his neighbour.

(A) will be sharing

(B) would have shared

(C) he would share

(D) will share

Ans: B

would have shared

Question: 5

If I were a Millionaire, I _____ the needy.

(A) can help

(B) would have helped

(C) would help

(D) will help

Ans: C

would help

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