Banking Awareness Questions 2024-2025 - 1

Question: 1

In Banking terminology, NPA means

(A) Non Personal Account

(B) Non Performing Asset

(C) Net Performing Asset

(D) New Promising Ambience

Ans: B

Non Performing Asset

Question: 2

Which of the following is the popular name of the norms by which a bank satisfies itself about the customer’s identity and activities?

(A) Basel norms

(B) Lending norms

(C) Service norms

(D) KYC norms

Ans: D

KYC norms

Question: 3

Banking Ombudsman Scheme is applicable to the business of

(A) All scheduled banks except private banks

(B) All banking companies

(C) All scheduled commercial banks including RRBs

(D) All scheduled commercial banks excluding RRBs

Ans: C

All scheduled commercial banks including RRBs

Question: 4

The Co-operative credit societies have a

(A) Two tier structure

(B) Three tier structure

(C) Four tier structure

(D) Five tier structure

Ans: B

Three tier structure

Question: 5

Which of the following organizations/agencies works solely to monitor and arrange flow of agriculture credit in India?





Ans: D


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