Transformation of Sentences Exercise with Answers - 1

Question: 1

He is rich. He is kind.
a. Although he _____
b. Rich as _____
c. Inspite of _____

(A) Only A

(B) Only C

(C) A, B and C

(D) A & B

Ans: C

Although he is rich, he is kind.
Rich as he is, he is kind.
Inspite of being rich, he is kind.

Question: 2

He finished his exercise. He put away his books.
a. Having finished _____
b. As he finished _____
c. Finishing _____

(A) Only A

(B) Only B

(C) Only C

(D) A and B

Ans: B

Having finished his exercise, he put away his books.

Question: 3

He worked hard. He did not succeed.
a. Although he _____
b. Notwithstanding _____
c. Besides working _____

(A) Only A

(B) A and B

(C) B and C

(D) A, B and C

Ans: B

Although he worked hard, he did not succeed.
Notwithstanding his hard work, he did not succeed.

Question: 4

He is poor. He is happy.
a. Despite _____
b. Admitting that _____
c. He is poor indeed, _____

(A) A, B and C

(B) Only A

(C) Only B

(D) Only C

Ans: A

Despite his poverty, he is happy.
Admitting that he is poor, he is happy.
He is poor indeed, but he is happy.

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