1000+ Computer Knowledge Aptitude Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

In order to create columnar data in word you need to

(A) press the space bar until your cursor reaches the desired place

(B) use excel

(C) set tabs or use the table menu

(D) tab consecutively until cursor reaches the desired place

Ans: C

set tabs or use the table menu

Question: 2

The side bar in a window or word processor that has an arrow on both ends and a box in the middle that you use your mouse to move the pages up or down

(A) roll bar

(B) box bar

(C) page bar

(D) scroll bar

Ans: D

scroll bar

Question: 3

To view information on the web you must have a

(A) hypertext viewer

(B) domain name server

(C) cable modem

(D) web browser

Ans: D

web browser

Question: 4

Developing sets of instructions for the computer to follow and to do the task the same way as many times as needed is called

(A) directing

(B) programming

(C) sequencing

(D) listing

Ans: B


Question: 5

The portion that shows all the choices you can make while working in a window is called the

(A) options

(B) item bar

(C) menu bar

(D) table

Ans: C

menu bar

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