100+ Tally Practical Questions & Answers Pdf Free Download - 1

Question: 1

In taxation, VAT stands for

(A) Value Approved Tax

(B) Value Added Tax

(C) Value Added Transaction

(D) Value Assigned Tax

Ans: B

Value Added Tax

Question: 2

_____ is the shortcut to vouchers as invoice from Accounting Vouchers in Tally.

(A) Alt+I

(B) Ctrl+V

(C) Ctrl+F10

(D) F10

Ans: B


Question: 3

To save entry without any amount, we have to use

(A) Allow O value entry

(B) Use Rej. Notes

(C) Maintain Multiple godown

(D) Cost Center

Ans: A

Allow O value entry

Question: 4

_____ considers incoming money to be instantly available and reduction of cash to occur only on the date of actual outflow of money (instead of the date of transaction).

(A) Asset

(B) Accrual basis

(C) Credit

(D) Debit

Ans: B

Accrual basis

Question: 5

Which option is used to open company created in Tally?

(A) Alter

(B) Shut Company

(C) Create Company

(D) Select Company

Ans: D

Select Company

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