Soil, Water Conservation Engineering, Hydrology, Surveying MCQ Questions - 1

Question: 1

Wind erosion is common in

(A) arid zones

(B) arid and semi arid zones

(C) arid and humid zones

(D) humid zones

Ans: B

arid and semi arid zones

Question: 2

Supra-rain curve is the graph plotted between

(A) rainfall excess versus index

(B) rainfall excess versus time

(C) rainfall versus runoff

(D) rainfall intensity versus time

Ans: D

rainfall intensity versus time

Question: 3

Altimeter is used for measuring

(A) air temperature

(B) height of a place from msl

(C) ground water level

(D) longitude of a place

Ans: B

height of a place from msl

Question: 4

The horizontal distance between any two consecutive contours is called

(A) horizontal equivalent

(B) contour interval

(C) contour gradient

(D) vertical equivalent

Ans: A

horizontal equivalent

Question: 5

Hydrograph is a plot of

(A) cumulative rainfall against time

(B) cumulative run-off against time

(C) rainfall intensity against time

(D) discharge against time

Ans: D

discharge against time

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