1000+ Civil Engineering Questions for Interview - 1

Question: 1

The opening left in flat roofs for lighting purpose is called

(A) sky light

(B) gable window

(C) lantern

(D) dormer window

Ans: C


Question: 2

Gypsum consists of

(A) CO2 and Calcium

(B) Lime and H2O

(C) CaSO4 and H2O

(D) H2S and CO2

Ans: C

CaSO4 and H2O

Question: 3

Basalt is

(A) extrusive igneous rock

(B) intrusive igneous rock

(C) sedimentary rock

(D) metamorphic rock

Ans: A

extrusive igneous rock

Question: 4

The rocks having alumina or clay as their major constituents are known as

(A) sedimentary rocks

(B) igneous rocks

(C) argillaceous rocks

(D) calcareous rocks

Ans: C

argillaceous rocks

Question: 5

The lime which contains mainly calcium oxide and slacks with water, is

(A) poor lime

(B) hydraulic lime

(C) quick lime

(D) fat lime

Ans: C

quick lime

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