1000+ Civil Engineering Questions for Interview - 2

Question: 6

Portland cement manufactured from pure white chal and clay but free from iron oxide, is known as

(A) low heat portland cement

(B) white cement

(C) quick setting cement

(D) rapid hardening cement

Ans: B

white cement

Question: 7

Teak wood is suitable for

(A) railway sleepers

(B) sports articles

(C) furnitures

(D) all the above

Ans: C


Question: 8

The commonly used base for iron and steel work is

(A) white land

(B) red land

(C) zinc white

(D) titanium white

Ans: B

red land

Question: 9

In paints, the pigment is responsible for

(A) glassy face

(B) smoothness

(C) colour

(D) durability

Ans: C


Question: 10

The term frog means

(A) soaking brick in water

(B) vertical joint in a brick work

(C) a depression of a face of brick

(D) an apparatus to lift the stone

Ans: C

a depression of a face of brick

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