1000+ RRB NTPC Multiple Choice Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

Fish plates should be designed for

(A) vertical force

(B) longitudinal forces

(C) horizontal forces

(D) all the above

Ans: D

all the above

Question: 2

The composite sleeper index determines the suitability of

(A) concrete sleepers

(B) cast iron sleepers

(C) wooden sleepers

(D) steel sleepers

Ans: C

wooden sleepers

Question: 3

Maximum degree of curve permitted in Indian Railways in broad gauge is

(A) 5°

(B) 10°

(C) 15°

(D) 25°

Ans: B


Question: 4

Which one of the following is the duty of daily maintainance gang?

(A) check the fastenings and fixtures

(B) maintain points and crossing

(C) maintain drainage

(D) maintain track alignment

Ans: A

check the fastenings and fixtures

Question: 5

The sleepers which satisfy the requirements of an ideal sleeper are

(A) Steel sleepers

(B) Wooden sleepers

(C) R.C.C. Sleepers

(D) Cast iron sleepers

Ans: B

Wooden sleepers

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