1000+ Measurements and Instrumentation Questions and Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

Which of the following has the highest accuracy?

(A) standard mutual inductance

(B) standard capacitance

(C) standard inductance

(D) standard resistance

Ans: D

standard resistance

Question: 2

De-Sauty bridge is used for the measurement of

(A) dissipation factor and capacitance

(B) power factor and quality factor

(C) power factor and dissipation factor

(D) capacitance and power factor

Ans: A

dissipation factor and capacitance

Question: 3

Capacitive transducers are generally used for

(A) static measurement

(B) transient measurement

(C) both static and dynamic measurement

(D) dynamic measurement

Ans: D

dynamic measurement

Question: 4

Post deflection acceleration is used to

(A) focus the beam

(B) repel the electron beam

(C) enhance the intensity of the beam

(D) increase the velocity of the electron beam

Ans: D

increase the velocity of the electron beam

Question: 5

Rotameter is a flowmeter based on

(A) variable pressure

(B) variable length

(C) variable area

(D) none of these

Ans: C

variable area

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