1000+ E-Commerce Objective Questions and Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

What type of ad appears on top of a webpage?

(A) Banner ad

(B) Discount ad

(C) Pop under ad

(D) Pop ud ad

Ans: D

Pop ud ad

Question: 2

An electronic check is one form of what?

(A) E-cash

(B) E-commerce

(C) Online banking

(D) Check

Ans: C

Online banking

Question: 3

The best products to sell in B2C e-commerce are

(A) fresh products

(B) speciality products

(C) digital products

(D) small products

Ans: C

digital products

Question: 4

Which of the following refers to creating products tailored to individual customers?

(A) Reverse auction

(B) Direct materials

(C) Demand aggregation

(D) Mass customization

Ans: D

Mass customization

Question: 5

Which of the following applies to the implementation of an idea?

(A) denial of service attack

(B) patent

(C) intellectual property

(D) copyright

Ans: B


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