Common Computer Acronyms & Abbreviations - 1

Abbreviation Stands For
MSI Medium Scale Integration
MVS Multiple Virtual Storage
MX Mail exchange
MXF Material Exchange Format
MSI Message Signaled Interrupt
MSDN Microsoft Developer Network
MT Machine Translation
MS-Dos Microsoft DOS
MSB Most Significant Bill
MVS Multiple Virtual Storage
MXF Material Exchange Format
MX Mail Exchange
MCA Micro Channel Architecture
MBCS Multi Byte Character Set
MBR Master Boot Record
MSI Microsoft Installer
NAN Not a Number
NAS Network Attached Storage
NAT Network Address Translation
NCSA National Centre for Supercomputing Applications
NETBIOS Network Basic Input / Output System
NEP Network Equipment Provider
NEXT Near End Cross Talk
NFS Network File System
NGSCB Next Generation Secure Computing Base
NIC Network Interface Controller
NLS Native Language Support
NPU Network Processing Unit
NSA National Security Agency
NOC Network Operating System
NSS Name Service Switch
NT New Technology
NTFS NT FileSystem
NTLM NT Lan Manager
NTP   Network Time Protocol
NVR  Network Video Recorder
NVRAM Non Volatile Random Access Memory
OASIS Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards
OUI Organizationally Unique Identifier
OSTG Open Source Technology Group
OSS Operations Support System
OSS Open Source Software
OSI Open Systems Interconnection
OS Operating System
OPML Outline Processor Markup Language
OOP Object Oriented Programming
OOM Out of Memory
OMF Object Module Format
OLED Organic Light Emitting Diode
OLE Object Linking and Embedding
OLAP          Online Analytical Processing
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
ODBC Open Database Connectivity
OAT Operational Acceptance Testing
P2P Peer To Peer
PAC Programmable Automation Controller
PAN Personal Area Network
PAP Password Authentication Protocol
PC Personal Computer
PCB Printed Circuit Board

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