Inventions and Discoveries Online Test | Gk Questions and Answers - 1

Invention Inventor Country
Atomic rifle John Browning U.S.A.
Submarine David Bushnell U.S.A.
Stethoscope Laennec French
Steel (Stainless) Harry Brearley Britain
Steam Engine ( Condenser) James Watt Britain
Steam Engine (Pisten) Thomas Newcomen Britain
Spinning Frame Sir Richard Arkwright Britain
Spinning Jenny James Hargreaves Britain
Spinning Mule Samuel Crompton Britain
Steam Engine Thomas Savery Britain
Photo Film, Celluloid Reichenbach U.S.A.
Photo File, Transparent Goodwin Eastman U.S.A.
Photography (on metal) J.N. Niepce France
Photography (on paper)          W.H. Fox Talbot Britain
Photography (on film) John Carbutt U.S.A.
Piano Cristofori Italy
Pistol, revolver Colt U.S.A.
Plutonium Fission Kennedy, Whal, Seaborg, Segre U.S.A.
Pop-up Toaster Charles Strite U.S.A.
Printing Press Johann Gutenberg Germany
Printing (rotary) Richard Hoe U.S.A.
Printing Web William Bullock U.S.A.
Proton Rutherford New Zealand
Radar A.H. Taylor & Leo C. Young U.S.A.
Quantum Theory Plank Germany
Radiocarbon Dating Libby U.S.A.
 Radio Telegraphy   G.Marconi  Italy
 Radio Telegraphy  Dr. Mohlon Loomis  U.S.A.
 Rayon  Sir Joseph Swan  Britain
 Razor (Electric)  Col. Jacob Schick   U.S.A.
 Razor (Safety)  King C. Gillette   U.S.A.
 Refrigerator James Harrision, Alexander Catin   U.S.A.
 Relativity Theory  Einstein  Germany
 Rubber (latex foam)  Dunlop Rubber Co  Britain
 Rubber (Tyres)  Thomas Hancock  Britain

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