History Online Test 2020-2021 - 1

Question: 1

When and where was Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam, born?

(A) 571 AD, Mecca

(B) 571 AD, Medina

(C) 671 AD, Mecca

(D) 671 AD, Medina

Ans: A

571 AD, Mecca

Question: 2

Where was the state of Israel proclaimed?

(A) 1948

(B) 1954

(C) 1956

(D) 1958

Ans: A


Question: 3

The Parsis in India are the followers of ____

(A) Buddhism

(B) Islam

(C) Judaism

(D) Zoroastrianism

Ans: D


Question: 4

The discovery of sea-route from Europe to India was made by

(A) Columbus

(B) Macro Polo

(C) Vasco da Gama

(D) Magellan

Ans: D


Question: 5

The European Renaissance of the fifteenth century is noted for great advances in

(A) Engineering

(B) Medicine

(C) Mathematics

(D) Art and Architecture

Ans: D

Art and Architecture

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