List of Important Scientific Instruments and their Uses Pdf Download - 1

Astronomy Study of the heavenly bodies
Agronomy The science of soil management and the production of field crops
Anatomy Structure of human body
Aeronautics The science or art of flight
Botany Science of plant life
Biology The study of living things
Chemistry Study of elements and their laws of combination and behavior
Cryptography Study of Cyphers (secret writings)
Cytogenetics Cell Formation
Cytology Study of cells
Dermatology Study of skin and skin diseases
Entomology Study of insects
Ethology Study of animal behavior
Exbiology Science dealing with life or possibilities of the existing beyond the earth
Geology The science that deals with the physical history of the earth
Horticulture Art of garden cultivation
Hydroponics Culture of plants without soil, with the help of chemical solution containing nutrients
Iconography Science of the atmosphere and its phenomenon
Mycology The study of fungi and fungus diseases
Neurology The study of the nervous system
Numismatics Coins and medals
Obstetrics Branch of medicine dealing with pregnancy
Odontology The scientific study of the teeth
Ornithology Study of birds
Physics The study of the properties of matter
Physiography The science of physical geography
Pomology Fruits
Psychology The study of human and animal behavior
Radiology The study of X-rays and radioactivity
Seismology The study of earthquakes
Sericulture Silk worm breeding
Telepathy Communication between minds by some means other than sensory perception
Therapeutics The science and art of healing
Toxicology The study of poisons
Virology The study of viruses
Zoology The study of animal life
Phycology The study of algae
Phrenology The study of the faculties and qualities of minds from the shape of the skull
Paleontology The study of fossils
Paleobotany The study of fossil plants
Otorhinolaryngology The study of diseases of ear, nose and throat

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