100+ MCQ on Biodiversity and Conservation with Answers - 1

Question: 1

What are autotrophic plants?

Autotrophic plants contain chlorophyll.

They can synthesize their own food and can lead an independent life.

Example – Spirogyra.

Question: 2

What are ostia?

The heart in cockroach is made up of 13 chambers. Each chambers communicates with pericardial space by lateral openings called ostia.

Question: 3

What are flagella?

Flagella are the hairy appendages meant for locomotion. (e.g) Bacteria, Euglena.

Question: 4

What are rhizoids?

Bryophytes are attached to the soil by numerous hair like delicate structures called rhizoids.

Rhizoids help in fixation and absorption of water.

Question: 5

What is plasmid?

The extra genomic, circular, small DNA molecule of E.Coli is called plasmid.

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